Mr A Sriharan (1) “We are proud of the profession and we want you to be proud of your Local Law Society”. This is not a quotation of mine. This is an appeal by the President of The Law Society, Mr Jonathan Smithers. I attended the Presidents and Secretaries Conference 2016 held at The Law Society at Chancery Lane on the 6th and 7th May 2016. The President in his opening address, made a passionate speech about the profession and about the importance of the Local Law Societies. He explained in detail the role of the Society and the importance of the Local Law Societies and their functions. I believed and absorbed every word he said in his speech.

Since my teenage years, I have believed that the noblest profession in the world is the Legal Profession. That belief inspired me to enter the Legal Profession. Thereafter, the nucleus of the Rule of Law happened to be born in Britain. That is why we celebrated 800 years of Magna Carta last year. I am blessed to be in the Legal Profession in the UK. I feel that everyone who is in the Legal Profession, whether they have come in to it willingly or unwillingly should be proud of the profession. If you are proud of your profession, you will be passionate about it and you will prosper.

There is no dispute of the fact that without Rule of Law, no country will survive or succeed. The absence of Rule of Law brings anarchism and subsequent down fall. The guardians of Rule of Law are the Lawyers. Therefore we have every reason to be proud of our profession.

The Middlesex Law Society is your Law Society and has a unique position in the whole of England and Wales. We have the highest number of sole practitioners in our constituency. We have the highest ethnic minority practitioners in our constituency. These facts make the Middlesex Law Society heavyweight amongst all the Local Law Societies in England and Wales. Sadly we are not making the best out of our Local Law Society. In the 80’s and 90’s our Law Society enjoyed a time of glory. We have had dinner dances at the Savoy Hotel, Landmark Hotel, Langham Hotel and Hampton Court Palace. We had many other functions such as dinners with the Police and Crown Prosecution Service and dinners with Financial Consultants and Estate Agents. The interest of the Society has gone down in the past years due to the economic changes and financial climate in the country at large.

When we approached the Senior Partners of big Firms within our area, they asked “what is in it for them?” I will say that there are enormous benefits, advantages, referrals and social enjoyments if we are part of the Middlesex Law Society. We are in the Local Law Society, with likeminded men and woman who are on the same wavelength. We understand the difficulties and prosperities. We stand by each other in ups and downs. Our profession is stressful because we takeover and bear the stress of the public. That is what we are paid for. Therefore we have to de-stress ourselves. The best ways of destressing is by way of exchanging views, gathering information and socialising. Have your say in The Law Society at Chancery Lane. You can achieve this by being part of the Middlesex Law Society. I appeal to you all to take part in the Middlesex Law Society. You can contact our Officer Bearers, Committee Members, Administrator and our Council Members. They will facilitate your information and involvement.

When I joined the Local Law Society in 1987, which was then known as Central and South Middlesex Law Society, Mr Andrew Harvey of Prince Evans was the President. The Vice President was Mr Ray Stevenson. I received a warm welcome when I joined the Committee. In the first annual dinner dance I attended, I was on Mr Stevenson’s table. I treasure the memories of those wonderful years. Our Constituency Territory and Membership expanded. We became Middlesex Law Society. Although we expanded, the activities and interest in the Middlesex Law Society had reduced. That is the reason I have accepted the responsibility of being the President at the AGM, which was held in April of this year. It is our moral obligation to bring this Society to the old glory and to hand it over to the next generation who are coming into the profession with a lot of expectations and aspirations. We are blessed to have three good Universities in our Constituency – Brunel University, University of West London and Middlesex University. They are producing Lawyers for the next generation. The new generations’ first step to feel the flavour of the Legal Profession should be to be part of the Middlesex Law Society. I pledge that I will do my best to achieve this goal for the sake of the next generation of lawyers.

Middlesex Law Society