10th May 2016

The Presidents and Secretaries of the local Societies of England & Wales conference took place on the 6th and 7th May 2016. It was held in the famous Common Room of The Law Society at Chancery Lane. From our Society, Mr Michael Garson (Council Member), Mr Sundeep Bhatia (Council Member) and Mr Mark Hudson (Regional Manager, Greater London Regional Office) actively attended. The President, Mr Sriharan represented the Middlesex Law Society at the conference.

On the 2nd day of the conference, Mr Sriharan raised the following two issues:

  • The President of the main Law Society’s tenure should not be limited to only one year but it should be for at least two years. He stressed that different Presidents take office with different missions and visions. One year is not sufficient to achieve and deliver those visions. Therefore the term should be extended to two years.
  • He stressed that the size of the council of The Law Society should not be reduced as planned because it will become an undemocratic limited number of people like the most unpopular Commissioners of the European Union. When the present Government is actively taking steps to decentralise power and to take the governance to the people, we in The Law Society are trying to reduce the size of the Council and hand over the power to a board to administer the whole affairs of the profession.

Both of the above issues were well received amongst the congregation. Mr Sriharan reported that it was a very educative and inspiring Conference. Mr Sriharan also indicated that he envied the other Law Societies such as Liverpool and Birmingham because of their vibrant pro-active establishment. He reported these sentiments and the issues to the Executive Committee on the 16th May 2016.