The Middlesex Law Society has a unique and proud position amongst all the local law societies in England & Wales. The reasons are:

  • The Middlesex Law Society has the highest number of sole practitioners in the constituency.
  • The Middlesex Law Society also takes pride in having the highest number of ethnic minority practitioners within the constituency compared to any of the other local law societies in the country.
  • The Middlesex Law Society has enjoyed sending formidable Council Members to the Law Society at Chancery Lane. Some of them have achieved the glory of becoming the President of the Law Society.
  • The Middlesex Law Society currently have two formidable Council Members. Mr Michael Garson who is now the Treasurer of The Law Society and Mr Sundeep Bhatia who is from the constituency of Middlesex but representing the ethnic minority members of the profession.

The History of the Society highlights the enthusiasm and energy of a small number of solicitors in the Central Middlesex area that had its inception in 1959.

The efforts of the members over the past 50 years has established a Society that serves both the practitioners and the community in the Middlesex area.

A History of which members of the present day are justifiably proud.

Members elect a Council member to the national Law Society to represent their views in policy matters affecting the legal profession.